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Welcome to the home page Sachi’s Japanese Antique’s kimono,obi and antique.


At Sachi’s Japanese Antiques each item is carefully selected by

the owner.All items are sold at a reasonable price.The day of

the event we will have a wide selection of Tomesode,Meisen,

Ooshimatsumugi and other types of kimono.We also have

brand-new to old,vintage,remake and used fabrics to choose from.

You will surely be able to find The One that you will appreciate.

Our obi and other accessories are 20~30% cheaper than buying

them in the market.If you do not find anything that you had in

mind,please consult with the owner.After the consult,the owner

will personally look for the specific kimono,obi or accessory

that you are looking for.Event dates,time sales and Lesson

dates on How to wear Kimono will be posted on our home page.

Don’t miss it.You are welcome to just visit our store we will be

awaiting your visit.